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DynoMax offers the widest selection of high performance exhaust products on the market today. DynoMax has it all ? sound, performance and durability.

Unmatched Technical Capabilities

At DynoMax®, technology dominates every phase of our exhaust system production; from state-of-the-art CAD design and engineering to advanced CAM processes. No one else in the aftermarket industry has our technical capability for developing performance exhaust products. Our advanced performance technology is proven in the lab and through domination on the race track. DynoMax® fine tunes performance exhaust system components at two North American research, design, and engineering complexes. The Jackson, Michigan facility boasts four dyno test cells, various high-tech labs and a full anechoic chamber to measure sound in the absence of reflective noise. No one else in the aftermarket exhaust industry can deliver our level of high performance technology.

Design Expertise

DynoMax® Performance Exhaust system components are designed with the same high-tech exhaust system engineering found in factory hot rods like the Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler. Our engineers support major worldwide automobile manufacturers in the design and manufacture of original exhaust equipment.

Exclusive exhaust supplier to Porsche, DynoMax® knows what it takes to engineer high performance exhaust systems without compromise. Original equipment experience is one reason why the DynoMax® team of exhaust products performs second to none.

DynoMax® offers a wide range of both complete performance exhaust systems and universal fit mufflers for custom applications.

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